Our Strengths


Our little ones, quite big!

Our lights are made from absolutely high quality raw materials: we use only RAL certified paraffin and no palm wax. The lights are equipped with a fixed wax core as well as a wick that’s optimally matched to the respective light. This results in a higher burning time and an optimal burning behavior of the light: the wick does not tip over, does not smolder, and the flame has the right size to develop its greatest luminosity.

Our highlights are higher and have a larger diameter than conventional lights. They have a particularly long burning time of approx. 12 hours, can be easily ignited several times and can be placed directly on a (non-combustible) base due to the raised spacer in the bottom. Our modern light is wrapped by a frosted polycarbonate cover and, besides its unique design, has a strong and meaningful luminosity.

  • 4h

    height: 19 mm
    diameter: 38 mm
    cover: PC Polycarbonat

  • 8h

    height: 25 mm
    diameter: 38 mm
    cover: PC Polycarbonat

  • 12h
    High Lights

    height: 37 mm
    diameter: 43 mm
    cover: PC Polycarbonat

  • 7h

    height: 26 mm
    diameter: 47 mm
    cover: PC Polycarbonat

  • 10h

    height: 28 mm
    diameter: 56 mm
    cover: PC Polycarbonat