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We stand for
quality and flexibility.

​100 % Made in Germany.

In the Aschaffenburg region, the name WENZEL has been a synonym for the great innovation and the highest quality requirements for candles. Since the foundation of our company in 1899, we have developed well over 1,000 different candle designs that inspire our customers all over the world. All our candles are 100% in RAL quality, and exclusively produced in Aschaffenburg / Germany. The popularity of our products is also reflected by our export rate of over 35%. By way of comparison, the share of exported candles in the 1980s was only around 2%.

Today’s production area comprises about 10,000 square meters, which are distributed over 2 plants. In order to always be able to work to order and to be able to respond optimally to individual customer requirements without incurring storage costs, our in-house high-bays have a capacity of 5,000 euro pallets.

“Our high quality was confirmed by Stiftung Warentest in November 2016. The tested SafeCandle was rated “very good “and came out as test winner in burningquality!“

Jürgen Jaksch

1899 durch Adrian Wenzel
Familienunternehmen in 4. Generation

managing directors
Andreas Jaksch, Peter Jaksch

about 200, seasonal up to 230

business units
Consulting, sales to commercial customers, production (exclusively in Aschaffenburg), national and international sales, development of new products

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