PURE combines the active protection of our natural resources with the familiar aesthetics of home ambience. Already in the production of our Pure products, we place great value in the use of exclusively natural and renewable raw materials from European yields, free of environmentally harmful plastic packaging, palm oils or genetically treated soy wax. As another part of our sustainability promise, we produce 100% Made in Germany, with a love for our products and nature.

The stearin we use is 100% derived from recycled products from the food industry. We therefore consciously support the protection of the rainforest and completely do not use any soy wax, palm oil or palm oil-based products.

PURE candles have a very calm, bright and aesthetic flame. They are extremely low in soot and do not emit any additional CO2 into the environment due to the absence of hydrocarbons in the material. In comparison to conventional candles, we achieve CO2 savings of over 60%.

Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

Pure Nature Wax and Pure Olive Wax are available in diameters 60 mm and 70 mm, in height 90 mm and 130 mm
Glasses are available with 100 % rape seed wax, 100 % olive oil wax, 100 % cocos wax and with 10 % bee wax
100 % Pure Nature Lights are available with burning times of 4 h, 7 h and 10 h


Pure Nature Wax candles are available in 8 colours