​Our WENZEL Nightlights are lights with a standard diameter of 38mm in a slightly elevated polycarbonate or aluminum cup. Due to the long-lasting burning time of approx. 8 hours, our Nightlights are ideal for celebrations, for hotels and restaurants, event agencies, as well as for long winter evenings! Since the market launch in 2013, our Nightlights have developed into the top product to the present day! They have an outstanding luminosity and provide a clear and illuminating light. In addition, our Nightlights with a transparent polycarbonate cup can also be placed directly on a non-flammable surface. Our Nightlights are made of a high-quality paraffin mix (70% paraffin, 30% renewable raw materials) and have been optimized by a pressed inner core (for a stable wick).
Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​Standard diameter for lights: 38mm, height approx. 24mm


​Nightlights are available with white wax, in polycarbonate cups also in zitrone, crème, mandarin, rubin, and limone.