​Trend Candles

​Trend Candles are our signature poured candles, which – through a special production process – are given a crystalline, marbled, but smooth surface. These candles are available as pillars in our SafeCandle version (self-extinguishing candles). Trend Candles illuminate intensely and create a distinctive, harmonious light. Our WENZEL Trend Candles are also available in a wide variety of shapes (for example, ball, heart candle, an egg candle, star candle, and square candle). The Trend Candles are also very popular for the outdoor area (with special outdoor wick). Like all our candles, the Trend Candles are RAL certified, 100% made in Germany and exclusive by Wenzel candles.
Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​Trend Candle pillars (SafeCandle): Diameter 50mm – 80mm, height 70mm – 180mm
Outdoor candles from diameter 120mm up to a height of 500mm
Shaped Trend Candles i.e. egg, heart, ect. in various sizes


​traditionally in white, rubin red, cream, as well as 30 more trend colours