​Our popular and high-quality WENZEL tealights are available in different versions: as a standard tealight in an aluminum cup, as well as a tealight in a flame-retardant plastic cup. Our tealights in polycarbonate cups are also available in various wax colors. Our high-quality, elaborately crafted tealights have a burning time of at least 4.5 hours, are RAL certified and 100% made in Germany! The quality of our WENZEL tealights does not end with their outer packaging! Our tealights are packed in valuable trays and not in bags!
Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​Standard diameter 38mm (Tealights), 56-58mm (Maxilights)


​Standard colour of wax white, also available in other wax colours for tealights in polycarbonate cups


​Metallic Tealights (38mm)