Self-extinguishing pillar or ball candles with an integrated wick holder, which stops the wax supply to the wick and thus “stifles” the candle. This innovative and patented system is DEKRA tested and 100% made in Germany! The burning wick cannot tip over due to the integrated wick holder and extinguishes by itself after burning. In addition, the wick holder does not transmit any heat downwards!
Candlesticks can always be cleaned without residue, since no liquid wax remains on the plates. This considerably reduces the risk of fire. Our SafeCandle products can be attached directly to wreaths or arrangements with a floral wire. We offer you an extensive selection of colors and shapes.

Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​Available as pressed pillars from 40mm diameter – 80mm diameter, height from 60mm up to 150mm; further models: Trend Candles and Rustic Candles as well as Ball Candles with diameter 60,70, and 80mm.


​Available in standard colours white, red, cream, as well as 40 more colours!


​All decorated candles (standard sizes) are made as SafeCandles!