​Rustic Candles

​Our WENZEL Rustic Candle is a cast candle, which has a “rustic”, scratched surface. It is mainly used in the current trend of home decoration. Our Rustic candles provide a very moody and not too pushy light and act as a decorative supporter of a coordinated room design. Only at WENZEL you get the popular Rustic candles in the SafeCandle version (self-extinguishing candle)! Our steadily growing range in the Rustic range currently comprises about 20 different color variations and is integrated into a variety of home decor styles.
Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​All Rustic Candles are SafeCandle (self-extinguishing pillars) available from diameter 60mm – 100mm, height from 80 – 200mm.


​Available in approx. 20 trend colours as well as standard colours white, rubin red, wool white.