​Our original WENZEL Maxilights are available in different versions. Whether in the classic aluminum cup (diameter 58mm), or in the more exclusive, transparent polycarbonate cup (diameter 56mm): Our popular Maxilights provide you with a clear and bright lighting experience for up to 10 hours. For individual utalisation areas, our Maxilights are also available in transparent polycarbonate cups in various wax colours. At WENZEL you get Maxilights in 100% RAL quality, 100% made in Germany! We pack our high-quality lights exclusively in attractive trays and not in bags!
Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​Aluminum cups: 58mm, polycarbonate cups: 56mm


​Standard wax colour: white; Maxilights in polycarbonate cups also available with coloured wax (creme, zitrone, mandarin, rubin, farn, stein).