​Candles in different forms

Our WENZEL floating candles are equipped with an integrated wick holder, which guarantees a perfect burning behavior of the candle. Candles in different forms are available in many different shapes and colors (pressed and dyed). Whether as a square candle, classic oval, conical shape, as a multiwick variation, or as a round or heart-shaped floating candle: from us you get the perfect candle for your individual requirements! In addition, we offer you our popular molded candles (trend candles) as heart candles, square or star candles. These shapes are particularly suitable for your own design ideas in the home decor area.
Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​available in different sizes


​standard colours (approx. 40)


​Square, Oval, Conical, Multiwick, Floating, Heart, Star candle