​Scented Candles

​Our original WENZEL scented candles are available as Trend Candles in the usual SafeCandle quality! The elaborate poured pillars  with a crystalline surface cast an expressive light and integrate themselves tastefully into every room design. With their discreet fragrance they enhance the charm of every home decor. The fragrances used and processed by us are extremely high-quality fragrance oils from French perfume manufacturers. All WENZEL scented candles are RAL certified (all ingredients meet the standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). In addition, you will receive high-quality glasses filled with scented wax in many different fragrances!
Grössen (H/⌀ MM)

​Trend SafeCandle pillars: 90/50, 90/60, 130/60, Scented glasses: 80/80 (H/Ø in mm)


​Available in about 15 different fragrances/colours, adapted to summer/winter