​The CONICS from WENZEL are particularly high-quality lights from a balanced paraffin mixture in RAL quality! The average burning time of our CONICS is about 7 hours! Our modern light is framed in a frosted polycarbonate cover and, besides its unique design, it has a strong and bright luminosity. The high-quality paraffin used is an absolutely pure, sulfur-free wax and produces 20% more energy in the form of light and heat than palm fat or stearin. In addition, our CONICS burns particularly low in pollutants and their conical shape offers an optimal and residue-free combustion behavior. CONICS are currently available in 6 different coloured cups and are probably the most beautiful tea light in the world – not least due to their high-quality gift packaging! An ideal souvenir!
sizes (h/⌀ mm)

​Diameter approx. 26mm (bottom), height approx. 47mm


​Cup colours: white, arktis, rubin red, orange, olive, purple

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